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Hi everyone, welcome to our new website!   We are happy to finally be in Southern California.  We are still training horses, and feel we are better now than we have ever been!

Clay and I share 70 years of horse experience, working with all breeds and disciplines. Clay is still starting colts and fixing any problems there are. He travels for trailer training, and for giving private and group lessons and clinics.

We are both giving riding lessons for ages 7 and above!

If you want to be the best you can be with your horse, please contact us to set up an appointment.

We would love to teach you and your horse our “Hold Your Heart In Your Hand,” style of training.  Contact us, or give us a call today at 520-237-4752.

Jacquie & Clay Harper



About Clay & Jacquie Harper


Clay Harper has worked and played with horses for over 50 years. He is the founder of the American Horse Trainers Group. He has worked with, and learned from, most of today’s great horse trainers. Clay Harper graduated from the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program in 2001. He specializes in fixing problem horses of all breeds and disciplines. Clay has toured around the world helping people to be better with their horses and helping horses to be better with their people.

Clay conducts clinics, fixes problem horses, speaks and demonstrates at Equine Expo’s. He has written monthly and featured articles for numerous horse magazines. He has also been featured and referred to in several books related to horses. Clay also has had two successful radio shows.

He and his wife Jacquie are the creators of the Southern Arizona Horse Expo. Clay is currently a spokesperson for  Vernon Purdy Saddles, Total Equine and Source. He is also sponsored by many of the horse industry’s best companies.  Please see the list of sponsors below.

Clay’s motto isHold Your Heart In Your Hand. This is very apparent to anyone who has watched him work with horses. “I truly believe, God has put me on this earth to help horses“.

Jacquie Harper grew up with horses. She has competed in the Arab Show World for over 20 years, winning multiple Championships. She has been riding with Clay for the past 12 years, taking her Horsemanship Skills to new levels. Jacquie continues teaching ages 7 and above how to enjoy horses safely.





“When I think of Clay Harper’s Colt Training ability, several sayings of his come to mind right away. Hold your heart in your hand, be fair, have consistency, discipline, be willing to throw the lesson plan out, think of the horse first, always show compassion and be a strong leader.”  more testimonial from Kim Dove, Vail, AZ

“Clay is better than he has ever been and the horses that he works with are better than they have ever been.”  B.L. Martin, AZ

“Clay worked with me and my big pushy 18 hand warmblood 2 times and now he is a perfect gentleman.”  Alexa, CA

“I went through Clay Harper’s Certification Program and I am so glad I did. Clay taught me to be better with horses then I ever thought I could be.” J.C. Christiansen, Texas

“Clay was a master at getting top horse trainers to perform, bringing the best vendors together and organizing the Southern Arizona Horse Expo.”  Maureen, Tucson, AZ




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