Kim Dove’s Testimonial



When I think of Clay Harper’s Colt Training ability, several sayings of his come to mind right away. “Hold your heart in your hand,” be fair, have consistency, discipline, be willing to throw the lesson plan out, think of the horse first, always show compassion and be a strong leader.

Something of equal importance was shown to me the very first day.  Always establish intimacy with the horse so they can trust you. Clay showed me this technique & I do it every single time I am with one of my horses & now they look for it. Vertical & lateral flexion was shown then the ballet began with the release of pressure so they understand the reward. My hula hoop of safety was explained, proper leading techniques, stopping, backing up and respect for each other.

Kim Dove on Chance, colt started by Clay Harper Horsemanship

We moved onto round pen with reasoning both on halter & lunge line, then at liberty. This is taught with finesse as Clay explained and it becomes a dance & language that you both understand. Then we moved onto advanced round pen with reasoning as this all transfers to saddle work. Clay is so attentive to the horse & the student & I always felt empowered by him, never reprimanded.

This is Clay’s true essence. He is a gentle soul with immense people and horse knowledge. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Clay in their presence is a blessed person. I miss him on a daily basis but I hear his gentle, coaxing voice still every time I am with one of my horses. He is a treasure, a walking encyclopedia of horsemanship & a very, very close personal friend. My husband & I both think of him as family and were very happy to do this testimonial for his new website!

Kim and Ron Dove
Z Bar Ranch
Vail, Arizona